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September 28, 2018
Home Builder Expo

CertainTeed’s latest drywall tariff request was denied. The CITT explains why.

Despite rejection, company is “weighing its options” for future action

Calvin Gordon is back on the tools and scheduled to return to court

Contractor with several prior convictions now operates north of Toronto

No good deed goes unpunished? Kamloops developer under WorkSafe BC’s intense scrutiny

It was just supposed to be a coat of paint to make some existing rental housing look better. Next came the HazMat suits.


He would like to see an inspection of OCOT’s inspectors

Another HVAC contractor alleges unprofessional conduct by an OCOT enforcement officer » Read More

Why was owner of firm slammed with half a million dollar fine, while actual electrician has “zero consequences”?

"We live in a province where doctors and nurses kill people every single day. Yet none of them suffer personal consequences like this," Rob says » Read More