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November 23, 2018

Previously convicted contractor Calvin Gordon, facing legal actions from clients, countersues them

Damages sought for "assault, intentional infliction of distress, nuisance, breach of privacy, conspiracy to injure, loss of income, and defamation of character.”

New Brunswick to raise Workers Comp rates by 70 per cent next year

The average 2019 rate paid by employers in NB will be $2.92 per $100 of payroll, up from $1.70 in 2018

Finding a path through Canada’s energy-efficiency certification programs: Part Two

NR Canada teams up with the CHBA team up to help builders navigate their way
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Even a CoA was problematic with OCOT, electrician says

Ontario's Ford government have confirmed that OCOT will be wound down in 2019 » Read More

Bathroom ventilation: Through the roof or through the soffit?

A roof is a terrible place to vent a bathroom fan in Canada's climate, says Paul. » Read More

Ontario woman, 33, needs a wheelchair ramp

If you can help Katie, at least with information, her email is in this post » Read More