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February 1, 2019

Three years later, where are those Tesla solar roof tiles?

Take our Tesla quiz to learn what is (and isn't) going on!

Ottawa roofer fined $80,000 for fire that set two workers ablaze

No fire extinguisher on hand, no emergency procedures in place

All About Fasteners Episode 10: Two ways to install anchors in concrete or masonry

Taking a look at RED HEAD C6+, an epoxy-based product, and RED HEAD A7+, a "hybrid" product.
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Overwhelmed by the pressures of your workday? Try this “timeline shortening” technique

Steve Maxwell continues his series on the mental game of being a better contractor. Here he discusses how to focus better. » Read More

Window and door contractor laments poor installations by cash operators

Archie Kontridze says that some 80 per cent of all window installations these days fail to meet regulations » Read More

Today’s apprentices lacking in specialized training for industrial, commercial and residential

Andy Lama proposes a 5 level system for the construction trades, to produce more qualified, better trades people. » Read More