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February 8, 2019

Mitigating sound inside today’s homes

Fashionable hard flooring proves a challenge for quiet and privacy

A look at today’s building envelopes (Part 2: Do buildings need to breathe?)

Interior building envelope ventilation should be via a controlled system

Are you suffering from Self-Inflicted Service Injuries?

Good service is about meeting the needs of your customer, not meeting the convenience of your company!
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Environment & Climate Change Canada

Safely dispose of mercury bulbs

Every year millions of light bulbs that contain mercury, such as linear fluorescent tubes commonly used in commercial buildings, are improperly disposed of when they burn out. This results in mercury being released into the environment.

Light bulbs that contain mercury (Hg) require special disposal to protect our health and our environment. There are different options available to dispose of these bulbs depending on where you live. » Find out more
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What to do about an unmotivated employee

Employees who "mail it in" are hurting you - big time. Here's why it happens - and what you can do about it. » Read More

He laments pending “wind down” of Ontario College of Trades

Enforcement and regulation are necessary red tape, argues RJ » Read More

Comment on our recent A7+ adhesive video (“All About Fasteners”)

Peter Zajaczkowski uses A7+ to attach docks to solid rock shorelines » Read More