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February 15, 2019

B.C. considers a full asbestos abatement “licensing scheme” for workers and businesses

Province’s move comes after new federal bans effective January 2019

OCOT and Apprentices for 2019: What we know so far

Ontario’s ratios have changed, but what about the Ontario College of Trades?

Site Tips Episode 14 (VIDEO): How to cut a bolt on site when you don’t have a vise

A drill driver is a handy vise - or, if you wish, a lathe - when you need to cut a hard-to-hold bolt
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Email to Editor: “Why don’t you rename your magazine Conservative Contractor?”

Unfortunately, the author wouldn't let us publish his interesting correspondence » Read More

How to “dress” a room to mitigate noise

Wall to wall carpets have rapidly disappeared from modern interiors, but drapes and wall hangings are very much alive. » Read More