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May 31, 2019

Need a budget? Canadian Contractor can help

Only four spots left!! Generate your first budget with our help

NEW! Canadian Contractor mentoring series: What Steve Said! Part 1

Amsted president Steve Barkhouse shares his success-building ideas in a four-part series

Five questions in five minutes for our Prime Minister

With a federal election this fall, the VRBA’s Casey Edge wants answers from the top

Calvin Gordon goes to court, again

“What a deplorable example of elder abuse.”

WSIB to be measured against private insurance providers

“Comparing Ontario’s WSIB to private sector insurers is like comparing the Boston Red Sox to the Bad News Bears.” » Read More

Conservative Contractor? Us?

“We wanted to have an outspoken forum where contractors could talk about what was working for them, business-wise, as well as what was making it hard for them to stay in business” » Read More