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Construction supply shortage hits Atlantic region

About to start a staycation on your back deck only to discover the boards have rotted? The odds are not in your favour if you want to get it fixed this year. Some construction supplies, pressure treated wood in particular, are in very short supply throughout Atlantic Canada.

NKBA 2021 Kitchen and Bath Design Trends: new styles emerge and COVID-19 has substantial influence on design

The National Kitchen and Bath Association 2021 Design Trends Research reveals the COVID-19 pandemic will have a substantial lasting impact on kitchen and bath design. As homeowners spend more time at home, kitchens and primary bathrooms are getting larger, the volume of outdoor living projects is increasing significantly and there is a need for easy-to-clean surfaces, flexible living spaces and seamless technology integration for added convenience and peace of mind.

Construction workers forced to deal with COVID-19 fallout

Randy Mitchell, part-owner of Anchored Construction in Belle River, looks forward to the day when he can get permits to start new projects. Along with other construction workers he sees that, even with the permits, he’ll have new challenges to face in the fallout of COVID-19.
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Outdated Floors? Don't Hate, Just Paint!

Are you working with Homeowners looking for a bathroom or kitchen refresh on a tight budget? Now there is a new way to update the look of outdated kitchen and bathroom spaces at a fraction of the cost. You can transform outdated floors quickly and easily with no sanding, no stripping, no priming and for a fraction of the cost of replacing them. Transform tile, vinyl, wood and more with Rust-Oleum’s Home Interior Floor Coating. Available at Canadian Tire, Home Hardware, Kent and CO-OP stores. » Learn more

Refer to the law when asking for deposits

In response to “Why does a contractor need a deposit at all?”, Frank makes the good point that many provinces have laws about how much deposit a supplier can ask for. However, the section of law he references here appears to apply only to “direct sales contracts” where a single service or product is bought on the spot. » Read more

A choice between two systems

Ken sees a fundamental choice in our politics between capitalism and communism as part of our debate about unions. » Read more

What trades shortage?

Is there a skilled trades shortage or not? Depends what you call a “skilled tradesperson.” » Read more