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Women In Construction

Ottawa to offer grants for energy-efficient retrofits

In its November 30 fall economic statement, the federal government included a promise to support energy-efficient home retrofits. Natural Resources Canada has released some details of the Our Action Starts at Home initiative will look like, though the program is not available to homeowners yet.

Construction to continue in Quebec during lockdown

Canadian Press reports construction sites and factories will remain open in Quebec during the four-week lockdown announced this week.

StatsCan building permits report: November 2020

The total value of building permits rose 12.9% to $9.4 billion in November, the third highest value on record—with the highest value having been reached in April 2019. Much of this growth was led by large permits for multi-family dwellings in British Columbia and Ontario, and an office building in the city of Toronto.
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Euro Vinyl

This is what Colin + Justin achieved during quarantine and it is brilliant.

Admittedly, watching Colin + Justin whittle away at their various design projects within Longbeach was a pleasant distraction from the daily doom and gloom of COVID-19 news feeds. The ever-charming duo created well balanced spaces, infused the entire environment with daylight, cleaned up sightlines with our jet-tones windows and doors and ultimately decorated the space with their trendy objects and furniture.
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Reviews no guarantee of long-term quality

Like most shows, these are the most extremes cases that get filmed, Holmes, Dr Pimple Popper, any profession. My gripe is no one really teaches how to check a company properly. » Read more

Just one more expense

Just one more expense to spiral the cost of any type of construction up and up which will do more to keep people literally outside looking in due to the outrageously unaffordable, unattainable and unsustainable lunacy forced upon us by the (liberal) nanny state. » Read more

It’s not the boogeyman

I’ve had this same issue and kept me up till 4:30 one night wondering if was something evil or some vengeful or lunatic roaming outside. I prayed, smudged and thought of calling the police lol. » Read more
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Alair Homes

Low Risk Business Model. More Free Time. Impossible?

“The extra time I found from leveraging the tools allowed me the opportunity to focus on the business from the outside in, and this feeling was unbelievable. I was putting in half the effort as I was in the 60-70-hour work weeks and quadrupling our profit and sales” » Read more

Canadian Rental Mart

Date: March 24, 2021 » More info