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New Brunswick launches Centre of Excellence for early skilled trades education

Students in New Brunswick's anglophone education system sector can now gain experience and pursue a career pathway in trades and manufacturing with the support of a new centre of excellence. Launched by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, the centre aims to provide experiential learning opportunities to students prior to graduation.

Ontario launches Silica Control Tool

Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers Inc. has launched the Silica Control Tool platform, to allow users to have a better understanding of their risks before heading into a silica-based construction job.

RBC funds Canadian Apprenticeship Forum to boost women in trades

The Canadian Apprenticeship Forum has secured a partnership and $100,000 in funding from RBC. This funding will play a role in accelerating CAF-FCA's DEI mandate and their flagship program, called the National Leadership Program for Women in the Skilled Trades.

Hot off the press 

Hiring help: Using social networks to connect contractors

Whether you use platforms like Indeed or Zip Recruiter or you are a little more old-school and put an ad in the classifieds, you have probably noticed that all of those wells are running pretty dry these days. Of course, you get plenty of people who say they can do the job but how many actually turn out to be the real deal when it comes time to perform? Well, there might be some good news on this front and thanks to its predecessors, it might work. Think Uber for your job site, except with this app, you don’t get a car, you get a skilled trade by the hour or a sub to quote on your project. By Christopher Smith. » Read more...

The Ryan Report: Time for builder software?

If you are contemplating builder software for your company, you probably agree that the subject is too complex to handle in a short article. We aren’t going to provide the magic code for how to choose the right product. Perhaps the best we can do is clear up some of the mystery around what you should expect from software and what it takes to realize its promise. By Steve Ryan. » Read more...
The Hammer podcast 

The Hammer Episode #40: On the rise: heat pumps – with Austin Harvey, ECCO Supply

In the latest edition of The Hammer, we are joined by Austin Harvey, residential territory manager for ECCO Supply, to discuss heat pumps. Harvey touches on the reason behind the growing popularity of heat pumps, key considerations and factors for contractors considering heat pump installations, as well as pitfall and reluctancies. Harvey also discusses effective ways that contractors can help clients choose the best pump for their home. » Listen now!

Industry news 

Mary Van Buren announces departure from the Canadian Construction Association

After six years as the president of the Canadian Construction Association (CCA), Mary Van Buren has announced that she will be leaving the association in the spring of 2024. As the first female president in the association’s more than century long history, she played a role in advancing the association's digital presence. » Read more...


Historic Restoration Carpenter Foreman

Roof Tile Management Inc., located in Mississauga, Ont., is seeking a historic restoration carpenter foreman with the ability to organize employee and sub-contractors to allow for a safe and productive site and experience in Heritage construction. » Apply now

Carpenter/Handy Person

Woodhouse Group, located in Kitchener, Ont., is seeking a Carpenter/Handy Person to join their Woodhouse Restorations department. » Apply now

Roof Loader

Convoy Supply, a wholesale distributor of construction materials located in Calgary, is seeking a roof loader. » Apply now

Site Superintendent - Construction

JD Development, located in Markham, Ont., is seeeking a site superintendent with experience in high-rise residential projects. » Apply now