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New research emphasizes housing affordability and infrastructure renewal as joint national challenges

As Canada grows, national challenges such as housing affordability and infrastructure renewal are more pressing than ever. New research commissioned by FCM estimates that, on average across the country, the cost of the municipal infrastructure required to support new housing is in the range of $107,000 per home. When considering the 5.8 million homes that the federal and provincial governments are directing municipalities to approve by 2030, the scale of the gap could reach an equivalent of $600 billion in municipal infrastructure investment.

Focus on the work, not who does it, says RCCO panellist

At the Residential Construction Council of Ontario's Women in Construction webinar event, panelists were asked "if you could snap your fingers and change one thing about the construction industry to encourage more women to join or make it better, what would it be?" Maggie Hall from Tridel responded with "the most important thing I’ve learned about women in construction is that you can’t talk about women in construction without talking about men in construction."

CCA reviews the 2023 Fall Economic Statement

The release of the 2023 Fall Economic Statement focused heavily on necessary housing investment, but the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) believes it "fell short in other important areas including measures to shore up Canada’s trade-enabling infrastructure."


The systemic issues of building green

Residential builders in Ontario have taken a number of significant steps to build greener, more sustainable homes and condos and reduce carbon emissions. They have become leaders in green building in North America and continue to do everything in their power to be part of the solution to climate change, despite facing market forces and a perfect storm of issues that have made it increasingly difficult to build homes that people can afford. But now, in the midst of a generational housing crisis, even more challenges are being heaped on the industry. By Richard Lyall » Read more...

Why contractor-worker communication is key to maintaining safety

What is the main skill successful construction contractors need to have today? Project management perhaps? Practical skills like bricklaying or carpentry? While these are all essential to delivering successful projects, we believe another skill is perhaps even more critical. In this article, we’re going to argue that effective communication is the glue that holds outstanding projects together. Read on to learn more about the importance of workplace communication in the construction sector and discover practical strategies to help establish strong communication channels. By Rick Farrell. » Read more...
The Hammer podcast 

The Hammer Episode #40: On the rise: heat pumps – with Austin Harvey, ECCO Supply

In this edition of The Hammer, we are joined by Austin Harvey, residential territory manager for ECCO Supply, to discuss heat pumps. Harvey touches on the reason behind the growing popularity of heat pumps, key considerations and factors for contractors considering heat pump installations, as well as pitfall and reluctancies. Harvey also discusses effective ways that contractors can help clients choose the best pump for their home. » Listen now!

The Hammer Epsiode #41: Cyber-security on site – with Wayne Dorris, Axis Communications

Cyber-attacks in construction are on the rise. Bad actors are finding this an attractive industry to target as they can access data and cause business interruptions, and even demand payment of a ransom. As construction companies and their construction sites become increasingly connected, any device connected to the network presents a potential cybersecurity risk, and a robust approach to reducing this exposure is essential. In this episode of the Hammer, Wayne Dorris, program manager for cyber security at Axis Communications, talks strategies for mitigating security risks on the construction site. » Listen now!

Industry news 

Sage Construction Management designed to deliver project management solutions

Sage, an accounting, financial, HR and payroll technology for small and mid-sized businesses, has launched their new product Sage Construction Management in Canada. Sage Construction Management is built for collaboration and mobility so that field, office, and external teams can share real-time project information at anytime from any device. » Read more...



Powerline Electric Ltd., located in King City, Ont., is seeking a electrician with a 309A license or who is a fourth year apprentice. » Apply now

Carpenter/Handy Person

Woodhouse Group, located in Kitchener, Ont., is seeking a Carpenter/Handy Person to join their Woodhouse Restorations department. » Apply now

Roof Loader

Convoy Supply, a wholesale distributor of construction materials located in Calgary, is seeking a roof loader. » Apply now

Site Superintendent - Construction

JD Development, located in Markham, Ont., is seeeking a site superintendent with experience in high-rise residential projects. » Apply now