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CFIB study reviews bathroom permitting costs across Canada

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) released their Flushing out the nonsense report, which “reviews the permitting costs and requirements associated with converting a simple powder room into a full bathroom in 12 municipalities across Canada.”

CAF-FCA launches national mentor development program

The Canadian Apprenticeship Forum (CAF-FCA) launched the National Mentor Development Program for Women in the Skilled Trades, a virtual, four-month program designed to enhance mentorship skills for women and gender diverse individuals in the trades.

DEWALT celebrates 100 years

Tool maker DEWALT, a Stanley Black & Decker brand, is celebrating its 100th anniversary. The brand has been delivering tools for professional tradespeople around the world since 1924 when the company was founded by Raymond DeWalt, a tradesman in Pennsylvania.

From the archives 

From crisis can come great opportunity

Latest reports indicate the residential construction sector could be in for another bumpy ride in 2024. Much will depend on interest rates, of course, as lowering them would spur new home buying. But there are other factors that will weigh heavily on the market, such as whether various levels of government introduce new housing tax reforms to make homes more affordable, reduce red tape and streamline the development approvals process, and support the expansion of offsite construction. By Richard Lyall. » Read more...

Hiring help: Using social networks to connect contractors

Of all the challenges of running a construction company, none seem as daunting as hiring. The stakes are always high, and it seems that in today’s world, the chances of success are very low. Not a day goes by without a stark reminder that our post-COVID world is not what it used to be. With numbers of new faces entering the skilled trades at an all-time low to a housing shortage of epic proportions, it’s no wonder that hiring is now one the biggest challenges we face. By Christopher Smith. » Read more...
The Hammer podcast 

The Hammer Episode #42: Aging and apprenticeships – with Vice-Chair Jack Slaughter and Jeremy Ambraska

Vice-Chair Jack Slaughter of the Ontario Labour Relations Board and Jeremy Ambraska, employment and labour lawyer with Sherrard Kuzz (Coos) LLP join this episode of the Hammer to discuss the aging workforce, apprenticeships and training within the construction sector. Vice Chair Slaughter and Ambraska engage in conversation with editor, Kaitlin Secord, about mentorship and knowledge transfer, the importance of diversity and inclusion, how to the construction industry’s status among prospective journeypersons and the importance of being a progressive employer. » Listen now!

The Hammer Episode #40: On the rise: heat pumps – with Austin Harvey, ECCO Supply

In the latest edition of the Hammer, we are joined by Austin Harvey, residential territory manager for ECCO Supply, to discuss heat pumps. Harvey touches on the reason behind the growing popularity of heat pumps, key considerations and factors for contractors considering heat pump installations, as well as pitfall and reluctancies. Harvey also discusses effective ways that contractors can help clients choose the best pump for their home. » Listen now!


Hvac Mechanical Technician

Jaywal Mechanical, located in Bolton, Ont., are looking for an experienced gas fitter technician to support maintenance, trouble shooting, and installations of hvac systems. » Apply now

Journeyman/Apprentice Plumber-Gasfitter

JSL Projects Inc., located in Yellowknife, are seeking a Journeyman with 10 years experience in performing construction and service to their commercial, residential, and industrial clients. » Apply now

Service Electrician

Kato Electrical, located in Vancouver, is seeking a skilled Journeyman Electrician. » Apply now


Brent Jansen Plumbing, located in Victoria, B.C., is seeking a plumber with a Journeyman certification. » Apply now