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Home price increase leaders across Canada

Research by calgaryhomes.ca has revealed the Canadian areas with the largest rises in house prices from January 2023 to January 2024, with Bancroft, Ont., topping the list. Real estate advisors analyzed house sales statistics from the Canadian Real Estate Association to find the average increase or decrease in house prices in areas within provinces (city, county, metro, region, and island) with available data.

Multis lead permit advance: StatCan

Month over month, the total value of building permits in Canada rose 13.5% in January to $10.8 billion, rebounding after a decrease of 11.5% in December. The residential sector increased 12.6% to $6.5 billion in January, while the non-residential sector grew 14.8% to $4.2 billion.

Four rules for small kitchen design

As renovation contractors, I am sure, much like myself, you have all encountered your fair share of small kitchen design challenges. Years of working almost exclusively on smaller, older homes have provided me with plenty of those very challenges. Frustrated by the lack of useful design information for dealing with small kitchens, I took it upon myself to develop a few rules of my own.

Do as I say, not as I do - The Ryan Report

My day job, if you want to call it that, is counseling contractors on business practices and running a professional operation. A central theme in all of this is that both contractor and their customer will be much better off when certain fundamentals of business are maintained. It’s reasonable to expect if I am dispensing these pearls of wisdom that I should follow my own rules when embarking on a personal renovation project.

Creative Eye: Frontera Homes, Victoria, B.C.

Taylor McCarthy, owner of Frontera Homes in Victoria, B.C., joins Canadian Contractor to share the secret recipe for his team’s award-winning build, “The Irving Grotto” – a remodel with a green roof — and their high-efficiency renovation, “The Fernwood Net Zero.”


Radon protection

Across Canada, all homes have some concentration of radon gas within them. The amount differs based on the amount of uranium present in underlying rock and soil, but even houses that are right next to each other can have different concentrations of radon present within them, typically in the basement or ground floor. » Read more...

Feds removal of GST on rental buildings aids industry

The federal government’s decision to remove the GST on construction of new rental apartment buildings – and the province’s proclamation it will do the same with the HST – is good news for the residential building industry and renters as it will spur construction of more purpose-built rentals » Read more...
The Hammer podcast 

The Hammer Episode #42: Aging and apprenticeships – with Vice-Chair Jack Slaughter and Jeremy Ambraska

Vice-Chair Jack Slaughter of the Ontario Labour Relations Board and Jeremy Ambraska, employment and labour lawyer with Sherrard Kuzz (Coos) LLP join this episode of the Hammer to discuss the aging workforce, apprenticeships and training within the construction sector. Vice Chair Slaughter and Ambraska engage in conversation with editor, Kaitlin Secord, about mentorship and knowledge transfer, the importance of diversity and inclusion, how to the construction industry’s status among prospective journeypersons and the importance of being a progressive employer. » Listen now!

The Hammer Special Episode: Western Retail Lumber Association’s Let’s Go Build program – with Liz Kovach

Liz Kovach, President of the Western Retail Lumber Association Inc., joins this special episode of The Hammer to discuss the association’s Let’s GO Build Program and their take on the recent labour market study. WRLA is a member-based organization that connects and educates the building supply industry in Western Canada to facilitate the growth of member businesses. Their Let’s Go Build program aims to enhance job opportunities and attract new talent in the lumber, building materials and hardgoods industry. Listen as Kovach and Canadian Contractor editor Kaitlin Secord discuss the future of the construction sector. » Listen now!

Women in Construction 2024 

Canadian Contractor 2nd Annual Golf Day

Canadian Contractor is hosting its 2nd Annual Golf Day at Royal Stouffville Golf Course on June 6, 2024. The day will be filled with great networking opportunities, friendly competition, loads of prizes, and lots of great food and beverages. » Register today!


Hvac Mechanical Technician

Jaywal Mechanical, located in Bolton, Ont., are looking for an experienced gas fitter technician to support maintenance, trouble shooting, and installations of hvac systems. » Apply now


Brent Jansen Plumbing, located in Victoria, B.C., is seeking a plumber with a Journeyman certification. » Apply now

Construction Manager (Director)

Bruce Power, located in Tiverton, Ont., is seeking a construction manager who will be responsible for overall strategic and operational responsibility in providing safe, reliable and effective construction services for MCR. » Apply now

Skilled Labour

M2K Construction Ltd., located in Vancouver, are seeking skilled labourers with sound knowledge of construction and practical experience. » Apply now