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FEATURED NEWS: Addressing consumer demands for reduced antibiotic use in poultry
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Walmart wants to switch to cage-free eggs by 2025

Reuters reports that Walmart has become the largest and most influential food retailer to set a deadline for switching to cage-free eggs. The company aims to do so by 2025. >> Read full article

Hendrix Genetics concludes Coolen turkey hatchery acquisition

Hendrix Genetics has concluded its agreement to purchase 100 per cent of turkey distributor Coolen Hatchery, the largest turkey hatchery in the Netherlands. >> Read full article

Know the tax rules when earning money from a hobby

There are limitations that the Canada Revenue Agency places on personal services businesses and the ability to claim the small business deduction for work done by a spouse for the incorporated farm business. These limitations extend far beyond a personal services business to any line of activity done on the farm that is considered a related business. Income from each source must be reported separately. >> Read full article

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Reducing your antibiotic use in broiler operations

Moving towards reducing antibiotic use in poultry requires an understanding of intestinal health. Gut health management is essential for building a foundation for performance and profitability in poultry production. Healthy birds will eat and produce more efficiently, ensuring they are performing at their maximum potential. The intestinal tract of chickens is an ecosystem where water, pH and organisms, like bacteria, are in balance. Maintaining this balance is key to promoting intestinal health especially as antibiotics are being reduced.

Join Dr. Kayla Price April 21 to hear how you can reduce antibiotic use on your farm. >> Register today

 Featured News 
Feature News

Addressing consumer demands for reduced antibiotic use in poultry

Recently, there has been a significant increase in calls for the reduction or exclusion of in-feed antibiotics in North American poultry production. Notable restaurant chains and retailers, including McDonald’s and Costco, have publicly announced their intentions to eliminate the use of “medically important” antibiotics in their supply chains, prompting further announcements by major U.S. integrators, including Tyson, Pilgrim’s and Foster Farms to eliminate use of these antibiotics in their production systems in the coming years.
In order to maintain current levels of performance and health in our flocks we must find alternative feed additives or production strategies to replace these valuable tools. This story is not new. In fact, a ban on antibiotic growth-promotants (AGPs) was initiated in the EU in 2006. What is new is a rapidly growing North American demand for effective additives to replace antibiotics. >> Learn More…

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Western Poultry Disease Conference

April 25-27, 2016
Location: Vancouver Marriott Downtown Hotel, Vancouver >> More Info

PIC Research Day

May 4, 2016
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May 5, 2016
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