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Calls for chicken irradiation in Canada following approval for ground beef

A consumer advocate is pushing Ottawa to promote the irradiation of chicken to kill illness-causing bugs and to do a better job of getting buyers on board.

Breakthrough technologies discussed at Alltech conference

During ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference, 70 speakers highlighted technologies that have the potential to revolutionize agriculture and make the next big leap in productivity possible.

Hydroxy trace minerals show heavier carcass weights compared to sulphate-fed broilers

A study performed in Spain found that birds yielded larger live and carcass weights and a higher percentage of breast meat when fed hydroxy trace minerals as compared to broilers fed inorganic trace minerals.
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Talking emission control at EuroTier

Poultry production generates dust, ammonia and odour emissions that have the potential to impact air quality both within the barn and in the environment.

The subject of emission control was addressed at EuroTier, the world’s largest trade fair for animal production, in November 2016. The fair takes place every other year in Hanover, Germany. The most recent edition of EuroTier offered a special exhibit with the goal of providing information about indoor emission control measures for minimizing those dust, ammonia and odour emissions.
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Canadian Meat Council 97th Annual Conference

June 5-7, 2017
Location: Ottawa, Ont.
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Webinar: Eggs and heart health

June 6, 2017
12:00pm - 01:00pm
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Poultry Industry Council- Poultry Health Day

June 15, 2017
Location: Stratford, Ont.
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