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Who's Who 2018

MSD Animal Health calls for poultry science award submissions

MSD Animal Health, is proud to announce its sponsorship of the 2018 High Quality Poultry Science Award to be granted to three recently graduated students in veterinary or animal science in support of research in poultry health, production and welfare.

Getting the facts on Canada's favourite meat protein

Eighty-four per cent of Canadians purchase fresh chicken on a regular basis, and 90 per cent place chicken among the top three meats they eat most often – consuming more chicken than beef, pork or other meats.

Cindy Egg Farmerette: A frustrated farmerette in February

In her sixth blog installment, Cindy the egg farmerette works through a cold February to make progress on her new layer barn.
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Optimum Egg Quality

A fresh egg, with a clean, smooth, brown or white shell, a pure, deep-yellow yolk and a translucent, firm white — this is the ideal of the egg producer and the consumer. How can producers make sure that hens lay more eggs like this, and fewer with shell or internal defects?
Optimum Egg Quality describes in detail all the main egg defects, internal and external and looks at the possible causes and corresponding control measures. This is a comprehensive practical guide to improving your egg quality. >> Order now
Feature articles 
Respiratory-origin E. coli

Addressing respiratory-origin E. coli issues in laying hens

There are some types of E. coli that can cause serious or fatal colibacillosis infection in chickens. Many factors predispose birds to the infections. Poultry scientist Leanne Cooley, technical service lead for L.H. Gray & Son, has been collaborating with Greg Brown of Archer’s Hatchery and Merck poultry veterinarian Dr. Elise Myers to investigate patterns of persistent mortality or periodic mortality spikes observed throughout the lay cycle at some Canadian egg farms. » Read more
Who’s Who 2018

Make your Who’s Who 2018 nomination now!

Canadian Poultry Magazine’s Who’s Who issue is released every July with the goal of shining a light on stand-out members of the Canadian poultry industry. The theme for the 2018 Who’s Who issue is up-and-comers and we want your help in finding the best candidates. Nominate rising stars today to potentially have them recognized in our Who's Who issue this summer! » Nominate now