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Who's Who 2018

Reducing the financial risks of disease

Member of Parliament, Peter Fragiskatos, on behalf of Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister Lawrence MacAulay, attended the National Poultry Show to announce investments of nearly $2 million to help Canadian poultry producers manage risks.

New program to recognize top consumer-facing innovations

Chicken Farmers of Ontario recently launched the Ontario Chicken Innovation and Growth Program to accelerate consumer-facing product innovation.

Supporting the growth of the turkey sector

The Government of Canada recently announced an investment of almost $240,000 to the Turkey Farmers of Canada to assist producers in meeting the highest animal welfare, biosecurity and food safety standards.
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Broiler Signals

Broiler Signals: A Practical Guide to Broiler Focused Management follows the life cycle of these fast growing animals and points out issues specific to each developmental stage.
Broilers are fast growing animals that need constant care. There is no time for correcting mistakes; mistakes mean high costs. The prevention of mistakes is therefore crucial.
Proper management starts with recognizing signals in practice. For broiler-keepers, this means being alert when in the poultry house, watching and listening to the animals, paying attention to their environment and their behaviour as individuals and as a group. This usually provides important information about their animals' health, well-being and production. This information helps poultry-keepers to improve their economic results, the well-being of their animals and their own. >> Order now...
Feature articles 
Better feed efficiency

Emerging alternative protein trends

There is hardly a month that goes by without a new story on cultured meat or plant-based products that look, smell, cook and taste just like meat. Commercialization of both types of foods is moving forward. This progress is spurred by increasing consumer concerns about conventional livestock agriculture – issues related to animal welfare, human starvation and protein deficiencies in many regions, the massive amounts of resources used to support it and risks to human health related to meat and egg products.  » Read more
Who’s Who 2018

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Canadian Poultry Magazine’s Who’s Who issue is released every July with the goal of shining a light on stand-out members of the Canadian poultry industry. The theme for the 2018 Who’s Who issue is up-and-comers and we want your help in finding the best candidates. Nominate rising stars today to potentially have them recognized in our Who's Who issue this summer! » Nominate now