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New study discovers natural defenses that ward off disease

A new genetic link to the immune system in laying hens has been discovered that could result in laying hens being born resistant to many diseases.

Cross-disciplinary nutrition model aids producers

"As farm nutritionists, veterinarians and producers themselves continue to collaborate more closely, the producer’s livestock programs should become that much more focused and successful," says Darryl Lewis, president of Nutrition Partners.

What happens when people make complaints about your farm

In almost all cases, farmers and their rural neighbours get along well together. However, there are some exceptions.
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Maximizing broiler performance

To maximize broiler performance, it is important to consider multiple aspects of genetics, chick quality, nutrition, health and environment. Being knowledgeable about the five elements of poultry handling and husbandry - food, water, light, temperature and air quality - is also essential for success. » Read more
Chickens in the greenhouse

Get the most out of your lighting system

While on a recent farm visit, a poultry producer said something that really resonated with me. We were talking about lighting and he referred to the use of incandescent bulbs as “the good old days.” This made me think about how technology rules our lives today. As consumers, we are inundated with the “newest this” or the “fastest that”, but often end up frustrated because these so-called “new and improved” products don’t always work as promised. » Read more

Canada's Farm Progress Show

June 20 - 22
Regina, Sask.
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PIC Health Day

June 20
Stratford, Ont.
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