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November 16, 2018

German joint venture develops hatching egg gender ID method

Process involves extracting and analysing fluid from each egg.

Hen welfare in aviary systems

University of Guelph researchers studied locomotive development and skills of pullets and laying hens in cage-free systems. Here’s what they found.

Disease control by tweet

Experts are mining social media for clues that could help establish correlation between what users discuss and what is officially reported.
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Chore Time - Konavi

Tired of chicks gathering inside feeder pans?

When they do, they soil the feed and block access for other birds wanting to eat. This can result in sanitation issues throughout the entire flock. The Konavi® Feeding System features a unique angled cone/grill configuration that helps keep birds out of the feeder. Clear the way to healthier, more productive feeding by choosing a feeder that helps keep birds and their waste out of the pan. Click here to find out more about how the Konavi Feeder helps give your birds a clean plate. » Learn more...
Feature articles 
Fernando Salgado-Bierman

Who's Who - Ontario - Fernando Salgado-Bierman

In his role as breeder services manager with Maple Lodge Farms, young poultry veterinarian Fernando Salgado-Bierman conducts research, offers technical support and makes flock health visits. He also writes health plans, reviews flock performance and evaluates health data for producers. Read more about his role and how he got there. » Read more

Public trust among millennials

The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity’s Public Trust research revealed that food issues are front of mind among millennials. The rising cost of food and keeping healthy food affordable are their top two life issues, followed by their financial situation, climate change, and rising energy costs. Here’s what else the research revealed about this generation. » Read more

PIC Producer Update

December 5
Belleville, Ont.
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PIC Producer Update

December 12
Brodhagen, Ont.
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