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March 1, 2019

Small poultry flock owners supported by new video and podcast resources

PIC supports program showcasing best management practices.

Maple Leaf experienced challenging 2018

But sees success in plant-based future.

Sofina employees raise $1M to support children

Funds to support children's charities across country.
Feature articles 

Blockchain for poultry has arrived

Just two years ago, blockchain was a relatively unknown concept. Today, however, it is being called the biggest technological innovation of the decade. The speed at which it has burst onto the business world leaves many – poultry producers included – wondering what on earth it is and why it suddenly matters so much. » Read more
The PeckStone

Innovations: The PeckStone

The PeckStone is a behavioural enrichment that promotes the search for food, consumption of feed and mobility. Beaks are also worn off, which can reduce pecking injuries. What’s more, it includes minerals bone structure, better plumage and general health. » Read more


Mar. 11-12
Calgary, Alta.
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