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September 6, 2019

Activists occupy Alberta turkey barn

Farmer says he had nothing to hide, lets protesters tour barn with officers.

Industry mourns death of Paul Leatherbarrow

Respected poultryman died suddenly at age 67.

Canarm acquires Faromor

Move provides strategic competitive advantage, company says.
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Turkey Signals

On a global scale, turkey production volumes are relatively stable. In this stable market turkey farmers should try to get as much out of each produced kilogram as possible. Efficiency improvement is the main challenge for every turkey farmer. Efficiency starts with reducing unnecessary losses. One dead turkey is a relatively high cost for a turkey farmer. So reducing mortality should get due attention. Also leg disorders should be prevented to get optimal growth and feed conversion results. Average turkeys weigh twice as much as they did 75 years ago, in a much shorter production period. This increase leads to much more stress for the turkey and higher demands on farmer skills. » Order now
Feature articles 
Influenza surveillance

Better avian influenza surveillance

Current surveillance involves collecting samples from wild birds killed by hunters or that died due to natural causes. However, this strategy is both inefficient and ineffective, experts say. That’s why a team of researchers from B.C. starting analyzing wetland samples for the avian influenza virus as part of a pilot project. Their findings thus far have proved promising. » Read more
Newcombe family

Who's Who - Nova Scotia - The Newcombe family

Cornwallis Farms can trace its roots back to a historical land grant 250 years ago. Today, the ninth and 10th generation of the Newcombe family carry on the tradition and work that same land. Their mixed farm includes layers, broilers, dairy and crops. What’s more, with an on-farm feed mill they’ve achieved feed sustainability. » Read more

PIC Annual Meeting

Oct. 24
Guelph, Ont.
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Oct. 27-29
Niagara Falls, Ont.
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