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November 8, 2019

Poultry Industry Council announces new executive director

Ashley Honsberger brings extensive agricultural experience to the role.

Cobb-Vantress partners with The Roslin Institute to address food security

Researchers applied genome technologies to ensure future biodiversity, meet growing protein demand.

Alltech Canada introduces new beak-conditioning aid

ChikPek block for poultry producers intended to divert vice behaviours.
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Optimum Egg Quality

The Optimum Egg Quality Handbook describes in detail all the main egg defects, internal and external and looks at the possible causes and corresponding control measures. A comprehensive practical guide to improving egg quality.
A fresh egg, with a clean, smooth, brown or white shell, a pure, deep-yellow yolk and a translucent, firm white — this is the ideal of the egg producer and the consumer. How can producers make sure that hens lay more eggs like this, and fewer with shell or internal defects?
The Optimum Egg Quality Handbook describes 15 shell defects and 9 internal defects, each illustrated with a colour photograph. It explains the possible causes and corresponding control measures for each defect. » Order today!
Feature articles 
Barn Enrichments

Barn Enrichments: Raising the bar for broilers

The central premise of using enrichments is that they allow birds to better express natural behaviours that enable them to lead happier, more meaningful lives. Until recently, much of that animal welfare research had been focused on longer-living laying hens. But experts have now turned their attention to broilers. Here’s what some producers and researchers are doing. » Read more
Alternative Housing

Alternative Housing Supplement: Cage-free hen health

When making the switch to an alternative system, how can one maintain good health within the flock? The good news is that once you have spent some time observing the birds in the system and then making the necessary adjustments, it is possible to achieve the same technical results as in previous cage systems. » Read more

PIC Producer Update

Dec. 4
Belleville, Ont.
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PIC Producer Update

Nov. 4-6
Brodhagen, Ont.
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