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Barn Spotlight: Nest Egg Poultry

Free-run barn includes a number of firsts.

Barn Spotlight: Steele Hall Farm Inc.

The Steele family's new cost-efficient turkey barn.

Barn Spotlight: Buffalo Creek Chicken

New broiler breeder barn includes community nests.
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Poultry Signals: A Practical Guide for Poultry-Oriented Management

For poultry-keepers, this means being alert when in the hen house, watching and listening to the animals, and paying attention to their behaviour as a group as well as their individual behaviour. This usually provides much information about animals’ health, well-being and production for poultry-keepers to use for improving economic results and the well-being of the animals, as well as their own.

Poultry farming is currently investing in various new housing systems that require another type of management. The book Poultry Signals includes points of departure allowing for more animal-oriented procedures and is vital for poultry-keepers and anyone involved in poultry on a regular basis. » Shop now...
Feature articles 

Taking positives from a tough year

It’s been a year I think most people would like to forget. And yet, based on my 2020 in review interviews with representatives from different poultry sectors, there have been a few beacons of light for the industry in the midst of the pandemic. » Read more...
Antibiotic resistance

Guts of Growth: The story of antibiotic resistance

Regardless of the opinions on different debates, antibiotic resistance is widespread globally. The following is the first installment of a two-part series from Alltech Canada’s Kayla Price on this important topic. » Here’s a look inside...


Jan. 25-29, 2021 • Virtual Event » Learn more

Canada’s Agriculture Day

Feb. 23, 2021 • Ottawa, Ont. » Learn more