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Opinion: Why Canada should keep supply management off the table in future trade talks

New Brunswick MP explains why he stands firmly against outsourcing Canada’s supply of its most basic food items.

Cobb publishes new white paper on pullet rearing

Features information to consider around light traps.

Manitobans most confident in country’s food supply

New report examines consumer views around food safety, supply issues.
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Why Hydronic Heating for Poultry Barns can be Beneficial for your Chickens!

Using an in-floor hydronic heating system has many benefits. Even heat distribution, consistently warms the barn closer to the ground where the chickens are. Hydronic heat also has no energy loss through ducts or irregular air flow, which in turn is more energy efficient and economical to operate. Hydronic systems can be used with a variety of boilers including wood, oil, natural gas or solar heaters. In-floor heat can also reduce the amount of poultry bedding needed on the interior floors of the barn. Although hydronic systems can have a greater cost of construction, they are a good investment for farmers wanting to save on operating/heating costs as well as long term total cost of ownership, and in turn provide a better quality, healthier chicken with lower CO and humidity levels! » Learn more
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Metabolomics: Unlocking new pathways

Metabolomics is an emerging field of research that could help the poultry industry fine-tune nutrition programs through science to emphasize bird health, production and feed efficiency. One Nova Scotia researcher has made big strides in leveraging this approach for the poultry industry. » Read more...
LRIC Update

LRIC Update: Advancing research and innovation

The poultry industry has made great strides in how research is conducted over the last decade, particularly in greater collaboration across universities. But there’s still a ways to go. In this update, experts weigh in on the state of research and innovation in Canada’s livestock sector. » Read more...
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Atlas of Chick Development, 3rd Edition

The Atlas of Chick Development, Third Edition, a classic work covering all major event of chick development, is extensively updated with new and more detailed photographs, enlargements showing regions of special-interest and complexity, and new illustrations. The revised text and expanded illustrative material describe the intricate changes that take place during development, together with accounts of recent experimental and molecular research that has transformed our understanding of morphogenesis. » Shop now

Virtual National Poultry Show

Apr. 7-8, 2021 • Virtual event » Learn more