eNews Vol. 15 No. 7
Candian Process Equiptment & Control News


Steam Whistle to expand with new Toronto brewery site

Ontario is partnering with Steam Whistle Brewery to invest in new equipment to expand its product line, creating 100 new jobs and retaining 143 positions in Toronto. The investment by the company in the facility is $22.8 million, with the province committing $1.3 million. Read More

Festo joins advanced manufacturing supercluster

Festo Canada of Mississauga, ON, has joined the advanced manufacturing supercluster called Next Generation Manufacturing Canada as a founding technology partner. Read More

Former U.S. CTO Megan Smith joins Discovery 2018 conference

Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) has announce that Megan Smith, former Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the U.S. under President Barack Obama, will be a keynote speaker on day two of this year's Discovery conference. Read More

Helsinki to host show for the forest, energy and chemical industries

The PulPaper show in May uniquely brings together different fields in the forest industry, as two other events will also be held at the same time: PacTec, a packaging industry event, and the new Wood & Bioenergy event for the energy and chemical industries. Read More

Process Products

Food grade translucent tubing

Festo has introduced a translucent version of its PUN-H tubing, which is said to provide a tough, long-lasting product for standard applications involving compressed air, vacuum and many uses of water. Read More

At-line moisture detection system for laboratories

MoistTech has introduced the MB series, an at-line moisture detection system said to be an affordable lab method for measuring moisture content that provides a fast and accurate result. Read More

Vertical form, fill and seal metal detector

Eriez has introduced its latest version of the Xtreme Vertical Form, Fill & Seal (VFS) metal detector. The compact unit requires no metal-free area above or below the sensing head, making it suitable for installation in the space-restricted area before the hopper and forming tube. Read More

Attritor for processing silica-based slurry for construction industry

Union Process has announced the CL300 attritor for processing a silica-based slurry for the construction industry. The CL300 mill has a unique design that allows for continuous feeding of dry materials and liquid simultaneously with no need for pre-mixing, the company says. Read More

Feature Articles

Crude slate flexibility through online corrosion monitoring

Flexibility in the range of crudes that can be accepted by a refinery is paramount for maximizing profitability, and, in some regions, is key for the ongoing survival of the facility itself. Read More

New international standard phasing in for inlet air filters

A uniform rating standard for the efficiency of air filters phases in this year. ISO 16890 from the International Standards Organization (ISO) applies to filters used to manage pollutants (Classes G1 to F9). Read More
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