eNews Vol. 15 No. 13
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Biobased pilot facility tackles replacing fossil-fuel plastics

DuPont Industrial Biosciences (DuPont) and Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) announced the opening of the world's first biobased furan dicarboxylic methyl ester (FDME) pilot production facility. Read More

Global chemicals production rises in second quarter

Data collected and tabulated by the American Chemistry Council (ACC) show that the global chemical industry continued on a good note as the second quarter progressed. Read More

Emerson and AspenTech form alliance to deliver automation technologies

Emerson and AspenTech have announced they have teamed up to deliver asset optimization software solutions along with global automation technologies and operational consulting services. Read More

EPSC 2018 award honours process safety designer

This year the 2018 EPSC Process Safety Award was presented during ACHEMA to Dr. Hans-Peter Schildberg of BASF SE, for his outstanding work on detonation resistant process design. Read More

Key TSN switch vendors support EtherCAT approach

The approach to TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking) as introduced by the EtherCAT Technology Group is now supported by key TSN technology providers and major switch manufacturers: Moxa, Hirschmann, Hilscher and Xilinx. Read More

Process Products

Clamp-on transit-time ultrasonic flow meter avoids pipe penetration

The TTFM 6.1 transit-time flow meter from Greyline Instruments has been introduced with what are said to be powerful new digital signal processing and advanced algorithms that provide easy and accurate flow measurement of clean and relatively clean fluids. Read More

Pressure gauge designed to provide maximum safety

The 1209 pressure gauge from Ashcroft is said to provide maximum safety in harsh environments. A 316L SS solid front case and ring along with a pressure-relief back ensure that the process fluid will be directed away from the operator in the event of an internal failure. Read More

All-weather LCD panel displays feature bright screens

All Weather LCD Monitors from Stealth•Com are sunlight readable and suitable for use in indirect sunlight or high ambient light conditions. Units are rated up to 1,600 Nits (Cd/m2) of brightness. Read More

Testing pressure safety valves simplified

With the Ralston Instruments PSV Test suite of software and hardware, it is said to be possible to conduct the test and record most of the information on a FieldLab calibrator. Read More

Smart laser triangulation displacement sensor

The optoNCDT 1420 smart laser triangulation displacement sensor from Hoskin Scientific is said to offer a unique combination of speed, size, performance and application versatility. Read More

Feature Articles

Robot Festo 'fish' make debut at ACHEMA

Festo's newest bionic innovation - the BionicFinWave underwater "fish" robot - borrows on Nature's ideal propulsion system for certain types of movement. Read More

White Paper: Conditions to become more challenging for chemical companies

Conditions over the next decade are likely to become more challenging with considerable uncertainty and disparity of performance throughout the chemical industry, warns ABB. Read More

Meeting the challenge of frac pond level monitoring

In the oil and gas industry, hydraulic fracturing (fracking) along with horizontal drilling are perhaps the most significant achievements in terms of both engineering and innovation. Read More
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