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Schneider Electric Canada names new EcoXpert partners

Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management and automation, has announced the latest EcoXpert partners in Canada. These partners are trained by Schneider Electric to leverage the latest in IoT-enabled technology to deliver improved power availability, safety and operational efficiency to their customers. Read More

ABB Process Analytics and EverMark Automation join forces in Central Canada

Evermark Automation has announced the creation of this new entity that will offer products, services and expertise for Process Control and Analytical Solutions. At the same time, Evermark has announced that ABB, a manufacturer of instrumentation and control products, has appointed them as the unique representative for all its Process Analytical products, in Ontario and Manitoba. Read More

Microsoft announces new Canadian headquarters in downtown Toronto

Microsoft has announced a massive new investment in Canada, with plans for a state-of-the-art new headquarters located in the heart of downtown Toronto. With a move-in date set in Sept 2020, the facility, located at 81 Bay Street, is just one of a series of significant investments Microsoft is making. Read More

AltaGas announces IPO strategy with a focus on gas and U.S. utilities

AltaGas of Calgary expects to hold approximately 37 to 45 percent of AltaGas Canada Inc. (ACI) at the close of a forthcoming Initial Public Offering (IPO). Equity proceeds from the IPO, combined with the debt repayment by ACI to AltaGas, are expected to result in significant repayment of the bridge facility with total cash proceeds approaching $1 billion. Read More

Hardy Process Solutions celebrates its centennial year

Hardy Process Solutions of San Diego, CA, was founded in 1918 as Hardy Scale Co. Since then, Hardy has established itself as an innovator of weighing instruments, load cells and scales. In 1984 Hardy Scales was purchased by Dynamic Instruments, Inc. and changed its name to Hardy Instruments, Inc., and in 2011 changed to Hardy Process Solutions, as a reflection of a redefined business focus. Read More

Process Products

Central vacuum cleaning systems for continuous dust control

Vac-U-Max provides a broad range of central vacuum cleaning systems for combustible dusts and other dusty powders and granular materials, for continuous 24/7 operation. Whether the application requires 3 pick-up points or 100, one operator or ten at one time, units are said to integrate over 60 years of proven application expertise, designing central vacuum cleaning systems that become an integral part of many manufacturing processes. Read More

Top bag removal dust collectors with walk-in plenum

The SPJ series dust collector from Scientific Dust Collectors is a heavy-duty reverse pulse-jet dust collector that is said to eliminate flow-restricting venturis and utilizes a patented cleaning system. The cleaning system is said to results in reliable and efficient collectors that requires fewer bags and prolongs bag life. This reduces overall maintenance and operating costs while operating a smaller overall collector, the company says. Read More

High-pressure and seawater-resistant position sensors

NewTek Sensor Solutions has introduced the P-Series of high-pressure and water resistant LVDTs for position measurement in deep subsea environments and other extreme high-pressure applications such as pressure test vessels and hydraulic actuators. The sensors serve as suitable replacements for load cells, pots and magnetostrictive sensors in underwater use. Read More

Vibratory level sensors for powders and bulk solids

Monitor Technologies has introduced the DuraVibe series of vibratory style level sensors for powders and bulk solids. The series consists of the Model PZP and Model VibraRod. Both models have been designed to offer hazardous location protection with intrinsically-safe probes. Read More

Liquid level pump controller features user-selected drain or fill mode

To better help municipal water, wastewater and sewage treatment plants meet their flow control needs, ATC Diversified Electronics has introduced its new LPC series liquid level pump controller. This 8-pin plug-in conductive unit uses two probes to sense tank level and lets users select the mode of operation—drain or fill. Read More

Feature Articles

Watch how self-heating cans are made

Hot drinks anywhere, anytime is the motto of 42 Degrees, a manufacturing company based in Valladolid, Spain. The Spanish company acquired the patent and technology for self-heating cans and production facilities in Valladolid, capable of producing up to 10 million self-heating cans of beverages and liquid foods annually, in 2017. Read More

Take stock of piles with drone or iPhone

Stockpile Reports online subscription service from BinMaster that uses pictures from an iPhone or drone to calculate and monitor the volume, tonnage, and condition of stockpiles. The service is said to replace outdated guesswork, inventory write-offs, and bad valuations while saving hours of time with audit-ready reports. Read More

Optimizing the selection of closed drain drum pump

A National Oil Company (NOC) in Africa planned a massive new inlet separation and boosting facility in a mature natural gas field. The plant's function is to take fluids from the existing gathering system and boost their pressure at the inlet of the existing gas and liquid processing facilities. This infrastructure compresses gas for commercial sale. Read More
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