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Agropur launches first dairy accelerator in North America

Longueuil, QC-based dairy cooperative Agropur has launched Inno Accel, North America's first accelerator for dairy businesses. The first cohort of five young entrepreneurs from Canada and the U.S. promises to help reinvigorate and reinvent dairy with the support of... Read More

Petrotranz announces appointment of Dallas Smith as CEO

Petrotranz Inc. of Calgary has announced the appointment of Dallas Smith as CEO, replacing Paul Johnson. "I am pleased that Dallas Smith is taking on the responsibility and commitment that comes with overseeing Petrotranz," said Johnson. Read More

Challenging Canadian Innovators to modernize century-old mining processes

Canada's Minister of Natural Resources, the Honourable Amarjeet Sohi, recently went to Sudbury, ON, to challenge Canadian innovators to develop new clean technology solutions that cut energy consumption for crushing mined rock — a process that currently accounts for up to three percent of the entire world's electricity generation. Read More

Validere raises $7M in funding to bring IoT and artificial intelligence to oil & gas

Toronto-based Validere, a venture-backed oil and gas IoT and artificial intelligence platform has raised $7 million in seed funding to transform oil and gas trading and logistics through reliable data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) insights. Read More

Canada's oil and gas production expected to continue to grow in new long-term energy outlook

At a recent speech to the Toronto Region Board of Trade, National Energy Board (NEB) Chair and CEO Peter Watson released Canada's Energy Future 2018: Energy Supply and Demand Projections to 2040. Renewable sources of electricity will experience significant growth and continue to play a large role in Canada's electricity generation mix over the next 20 years, according to the new energy outlook report from the NEB. Read More

Process Products

Polysulfone or PFA body level switch compatible with most liquids

The Kobold TED series electro-optic level switch operates independent of liquid properties, such as: colour, viscosity, dielectric constant, density, conductivity, contamination and temperature. Read More

Low profile bulk bag filler with explosion proof controls

Flexicon has introduced the Twin-Centerpost bulk bag filler with XP controls and reduced height posts for low headroom applications. Read More

Motion control package simplifies handling setup and integration

The Festo Motion Control Package (FMCP) is said to give machine and system designers the best of two worlds: a complete, optimized motion control kit for running a Festo handling system - and easy integration and setup of that robot through the user's PLC, whatever the brand. Read More

LED beacon technology operates 60,000 hours

E2S Warning Signals LED beacons technology has multiple operating modes and offer an extended operating life of more than 60000 hours, lower current requirements and higher output levels. Read More

Industrial Internet of Things starter kits launched

Harting has introduced Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) MICA starter kits. The MICA CISS Complete IIoT Starter Kit creates a basic condition-monitoring application. It comes with a sensor that can measure seven different parameters, including vibrations, acoustics, temperature and humidity. Read More

Feature Articles

Ten things to know when designing a vacuum conveying system

As all processes vary, so does the technology used to move granular bulk materials and dusty powders from source to destination. Here are ten things to consider when designing a vacuum conveying system… Read More

Pump up/pump down application requires smart ultrasonic sensor

Monitoring liquid level in a tank or container is a very common application in industry. Water, glue, oil and other liquids need to be stored and pumped to and from various areas of a plant, process and area. Although on the initial look these applications seem quite easy they do require a level of control beyond a simple ultrasonic sensor. Read More

Converging and diverging nozzles overcomes ineffective cleaning in generic baghouses

For over 50 years, the orifice and venturi have been an integral part of the cleaning system for the reverse-pulse jet baghouse dust collectors. This cleaning system also has inherent problems that cause a significant decrease in efficiency over time. Read More
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