eNews Vol. 17 No. 14
Candian Process Equiptment & Control News


Alberta announces $150 million for water infrastructure grants

The Alberta Municipal/Wastewater Partnership has announced close to $150 million for 55 water and wastewater improvement projects. Of the total amount, $137 million has been allocated for 54 projects, with… Read More

Geopositioning technology supplier Brandt acquires GeoShack

The Brandt Group of Companies has concluded an agreement with U.S.-based Ultara Holdings, Inc. to acquire the assets of GeoShack Canada Company and the Canadian assets of Inteq Distributors. Read More

EarthRenew announces supply and reseller agreements with BiocharNow

EarthRenew has entered into a supply agreement to acquire biochar at a discounted price from BiocharNow, LLC and a reseller agreement to distribute EarthRenew finished pellets in the U.S. on a non-exclusive basis through BiocharNow. Read More

Jordan Bast named Richards Industrials CEO

The board of directors at Richards Industrials has announced the appointment of Jordan Bast as president and CEO. Bast is said to bring to the position a wealth of knowledge and experience in the valve industry on national and global levels. Read More

Dow and Shell team up to develop electric cracking technology

Dow and Shell have announced a joint development agreement to accelerate technology to electrify ethylene steam crackers. Traditional steam crackers rely on fossil fuel combustion to heat their furnaces, making them CO2 intensive… Read More

Process Products

Valve positioners provide flow control

Valve Accessories and Controls (VAC) positioners for controlling actuators in various flow control markets are available through Belletek Controls. The units from Belletek include the simple V100, versatile V200, the digital D400 and advanced digital D500. Read More

Manual or mechanically actuated control valves

Festo VMEF/VHEF directional control valves can be actuated by a single finger or hand, or a workpiece making contact with a trigger mechanism. The valves are based on touch actuation with minimal force… Read More

Dual-use stationary wastewater sampler

Avensys Solutions has introduced the ISCO 5800 sequential/composite sampler, available from Hoskin Scientific. The unit can perform stationary sampling in both municipal and industrial wastewater applications. Read More

OEM compact oval gear flow meter

DOE oval gear positive-displacement flow meters from Kobold are suitable for OEMs that want to measure viscous, non-abrasive, clean liquids such as lubricating and hydraulic oils, diesel fuels, chemicals, solvents and resins. Read More

Anti-siphon valve has broad applications

Plast-O-Matic Valves, Inc. has introduced an automatic valve that performs multiple functions in a piping system, including pressure relief, backpressure control, pump bypass, and anti-siphon protection. Read More

Feature Articles

Rapid testing production lines adapt to combat COVID-19 using PC control

To fight the coronavirus pandemic, Ginolis Ltd. in Oulunsalo, Finland, has converted existing rapid testing equipment lines to produce COVID-19 testing kits. Compact automation technology from Beckhoff contributes significantly to… Read More

How composite materials are driving the smart city movement

The island state city of Singapore is often hailed as the world’s premier smart city. With a 99 per cent connectivity rate, robo-taxis and huge network of sensors providing a large pool of data for analysis, it is easy to see why… Read More

Industrial Ethernet market share increases as fieldbus decline continues

Industrial network connectivity for devices and machines is key to achieve smart connected factories. HMS Industrial Networks annual study of the industrial network market shows that Industrial Ethernet increases its market share to... Read More
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