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Ryson announces a corporate image makeover with a modern twist this June!

Almost two years ago, Ryson was acquired by the Dutch company Royal Apollo Group and the rebranding effort is to closer align the entire group.

How does this benefit Ryson?

From the beginning, Ryson has always been a sister company with Royal Apollo Group. We have pooled resources, engineering, and manufacturing techniques. We have essentially manufactured the same products on opposite sides of the pond. The only change with the acquisition is that it’s more of a parent-subsidiary relationship on a world-wide scale.

Royal Apollo Group was established in 1847 and is headquartered in the Netherlands. With Claudia van den Pol (sixth generation) at the head of the company, the Royal Apollo Group has grown into an international company in a niche market of vertical conveying equipment. As a young and motivated female business owner, Claudia puts a strong emphasis on empowering women in business, giving back to communities, and promoting a joyful workplace.

Ryson will continue to manufacture in the USA and support North, Central, and South America. Globally, we have manufacturing in Netherlands, USA, and Thailand with service operations in Netherlands, USA, Thailand, China, India, and Mexico.

This ensures a global supply chain and international service and support. As one global company, we are the world’s leader in vertical conveying!

Visit www.ryson.com to find out more, and check out our NEW BRAND!

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