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Sepro Canada Demo at Expoplast 2016
Highlights Opportunities in Cell Automation
A live demonstration simulating removal and transfer of injection-moulded parts using two robots – a Sepro 6X-90L 6-axis articulated-arm robot and a Sepro 5X-15 5-axis Cartesian beam robot – is the main attraction in the Sepro Canada booth (# 401) at Expoplast Montreal, taking place Nov. 30 and Dec. 1.
The demonstration cell illustrates capabilities like insert pick-up and placement, part removal and accurate positioning for post-mould operations. Each year, Sepro commissions one hundred or so automated production cells all around the world. Whether you need a stand-alone 3-, 5- or 6-axis robot, or complete automation solution, Sepro can help bring new levels of efficiency and quality in your moulding process.
About Sepro Canada
Sepro Canada was established in January 2016 to serve Canadian moulders with a full range of Robots and Automation solutions. Canadian customers will now enjoy quicker response from a direct bilingual sales team, while continuing to benefit from the 24/7 North American service hotline, and fast parts delivery from the Sepro America warehouse located near Pittsburgh, PA.
Firaz Sharaf
National Sales Manager
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Greg Reid
Unionville Ontario
+1 416 219 0509
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Francois Laferriere
Mascouche, Québec
+1 450 477 8880
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Scott Gabbert
Spokane, WA
+1 509-710-4011
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