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ERP Solutions for the Plastics Industry
​​February 2017
Are Outdated Practices Anchoring your Profits?
Are you confirming orders, scheduling production and managing inventory the same way you always have just out of habit?

Do you believe your competitors are also satisfied using the same old management practices?

Existing management controls and practices, although once successful, may not be sufficient to provide your enterprise with the agility, flexibility, and margins to obtain the results you need to be competitive.
The limitations of manually collected and managed information, the use of planning whiteboards / magnet boards and spreadsheet-based schedules that change constantly introduces a real risk of:
  • Running the wrong job at the wrong time
  • Unplanned and unnecessary changeovers
  • Late completions and constant delivery extension
  • Material shortages and purchasing complexity
  • Loss of efficiency
  • Loss of profitability
Disruptions, duplication, and errors may reduce actual production by as much as 20% from your true capacity. Companies that are not managing their critical information in an integrated and simplified fashion are paying a high price and giving competitors a huge advantage.
  "If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got."  
  Albert Einstein  
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