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The Best Robots for the Plastics Industry!
Decades of application experience, innovative developments and more than 35,000 produced units have made the WITTMANN robots what they are today – The pro series takes the WITTMANN W8 robot series to a whole new level of performance.

  • Rugged design of the robot.
  • Modularity of the robot mechanics and of the drive and control system architecture.
  • The elaborate modular WITTMANN robot design allows for an optimal cost/performance ratio
  • Reinforced profiles for higher load rating and longer durability
  • AmbiLED indicator lamp for simple display of the robot’s operating modes.
  • EcoVacuum: synchronize vacuum for optimizing the consumption of pressurized air.
  • Minimized number of cables in the chain
  • Reduced noise emission & integrated energy storage for higher energy efficiency
Three series of robot size are available:
Small with clamping force from 2-300 tons (illustrated)
Middle Series 300-1200 tons
Large 1200-1400 tons

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