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"NEW" Beside-the-press Screenless Granulators
Screenless technology for the most efficient and cost-effective grinding of engineered resins as well as styrenics, acrylics, and glass-fiber-reinforced materials.

S-Max 2
The Economic Choice with a Compact Design Ideal for the processor that has injection molding machines less than 110 tons. A compact package designed to accommodate tight spaces and conveyor or robot drops.
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S-Max 2 Plus & S-Max 3 (Illustrated)
Ideally suited for metered robot or conveyor feed beside injection molding machines up to 300 tons.
The small footprint accommodates tight spaces and the wide-mouth, flared in-feed hopper easily handles a range of robot or conveyor drops and sprue/runner sizes. Quiet, energy efficient: the S-Max Series conserves valuable floor space while producing quality regrind from robot-fed sprues, runners and small parts
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