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Angel Hair Issues?  Lorenz Has You Covered!

Angel Hair Issues? Lorenz Has You Covered!

Is “Angel Hair” in your conveying line resulting in expensive downtime? Lorenz Angel Hair Traps are your solution!

Square Angel Hair Traps mount at the base of the silo or storage bin.  They are manufactured of aluminum construction with a standard 16” square bolt pattern.  Fits directly onto the Lorenz Probe Box and Lorenz Maintenance Gate or Silo/Hopper Shut Off.

Inline Angel Hair Traps mount in the material stream to collect “angel hair”, “streamers” or “snake skins” while allowing the pellets to pass through.  Clear viewing cover for level indication.

Both models offer quick removable screens for fast removal of “angel hair”.

Lorenz Conveying Products manufactures a full line of products ideal for pneumatic conveying and bulk handling systems in the plastics industry.

  Diverter Valves
  Slide Gates
  Iris Valves
Adapt ANY Lorenz product to meet your specialized application.

We are “the conveying products people”

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