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The M7.3 - IPC network control
  From small productions to complex conveying systems with dozens of single units - any configuration can be centrally controlled via a WITTMANN control unit.
  Developed for the administration of medium to complex network configurations with up to 320 network participants. Every participant is connected via a bus module and can be configured for a specific task.
  The high-resolution touch-screen simplifies user control, as well as the adjustment of process parameters and allows the user a comprehensive view of all attached units.
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Line server LS-A30T
Provides for the control of up to 31 freely configurable bus modules, which can be connected in parallel to one CAN-Bus line. All functions which are available for the respective bus modules can be managed and controlled from the line server. A complete system can have up to 8 individual CAN-Bus lines.
Bus module BM-4/4
Provides individual control of vacuum loaders, blower stations, central filters, dry air valves, purging valves, etc. Any function can be assigned to the 4 digital inputs and outputs of the bus modules and therefore, gives the system virtually unlimited possibilities of configurability for each particular application.
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