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Message from our sponsor
Wittmann have an international reputation for being one of the finest manufacturers of auxiliary equipment for the plastics industry. Their complete range can be found on their website

Here’s a sample of some of their more recent product additions:-

The CARD Series - New WITTMANN dryer models
Wittmann expanded their dryer portfolio with the acquisition of the Austrian company FarragTech on 1 April. The new dryer models of the CARD series can cover all drying applications. The name CARD (Compressed Air Resin Dryer) stands for compressed air granulate dryer. Dryer models range from the smallest CARD G and CARD G/FIT through the medium CARD S (illustrated) up to the full sized CARD L Series. More models are also available and differ from each other by their respective control systems.

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The CARD Series

Primus 16T and 48T solve dropped parts and quality issues.
It is the #1 robot for cost-efficient pick & place applications at clamping forces of20 to 200 t. - Especially developed by WITTMANN for this purpose of use.
  • Control: CNC8 control with TeachBox R8.3.
  • Servo motor drives for all three main axes.
  • Optimized drives - with regard to using the robot with pick & place applications.
  • Extremely smooth operation with lowest noise.
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Primus 48T