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As demands grow for energy conservation, it’s critical to find new and innovative ways to eliminate waste. No other manufacturer offers a larger selection of energy efficient chillers than Thermal Care. For over 50 years, Thermal Care remains a leader in plant-wide process cooling systems. We excel at customized solutions and have an expert support team to ensure you get the right chiller for your application. Many chillers use the same type of compressors, evaporators, and condensers, but not all chillers have the advanced control software and energy savings potential as Thermal Care chillers. Check out some of our product highlights.
  • Boost energy savings with adaptive Dynamic Lift technology for increased part-load efficiency.
  • Reduce downtime with dual fluid and refrigeration circuits for redundancy and critical back-up.
  • Maintain precise control with an advanced touch screen PLC and remote monitoring system.
  • Guarantee performance with AHRI Certification of our water-cooled packaged and central chillers.
  • Available in standard compressor configurations including centrifugal, scroll, and screw in water-cooled or remote condenser designs.

Let Thermal Care help you decide on the best solution for your application.

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