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Without vacuum, nothing works in plastics processing. Vacuum pumps and systems from Busch are used in all process steps. From the production of the raw granulate to the manufacture of the finished plastics part. All the way to recycling. Our extensive product range helps to always select the optimum vacuum generator for each application, both technically and economically, such as:
  • Pneumatic Conveying with Vacuum and Overpressure
    The transfer of bulk materials or powders through a closed conveying pipeline.
  • Forming, Pressing and Laminating with Vacuum
    Popular processes used in many sectors of industry and in manufacturing technology. To join a wide variety of materials together or to bring them into a specific shape.
  • Vacuum Degassing (Extruder)
    Removing dissolved gas from a liquid or paste by lowering the pressure in a container with the mass.
  • Blower/Vacuum Drying
    A thermal separation process to remove moisture present in a substance by means of vacuum. With low temperatures and short drying times.
Lots of leading plastics processing companies worldwide already rely on Busch. Our comprehensive range of vacuum technologies allows you to benefit from the perfect solution. We also service ALL-BRANDs of vacuum pumps with our REPAIR-REBUILD-REPLACE Service at our 3 Canadian locations.


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