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Mold Equipment from Wittmann
Blow Air Chiller
The compressed air is cooled down to -31 °F in the BAC – this requires good quality compressed air. A residual oil content of maximum 0.01 mg/m3 and a maximum pressure dew point of 41°F at 7 bar are important to avoid problems, as oil would destroy the molecular sieve in the PAD. The adsorbent serves to lower the dew point of the compressed air far enough to prevent freezing of the moisture in the system.
  • Smallest footprint
  • Shortest locking and pressure build-up time through QUICKLOCK® system
  • Easy, lateral mold insertion through virtually tie-bar-less access during mold change
  • Quick even clamping force build-up
Internal Air Cooling increases productivity by up to 200%
One of the most critical, and at the same time the most lengthy sub-process in extrusion blow molding, is the cooling of the plastic parts. The temperature gradient between the cold water-cooled outside and the warmer inside causes material stress, which degrades the quality and can lead to failure in leak, load and/or drop tests. Therefore, a system to chill with cold compressed air from the inside has been developed for many years, the Internal Air Cooling System (IACS).