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Thermal Care

Where water means business

Save up to 50% in energy costs using an Accuchiller NQ portable chiller with variable speed scroll compressors and an advanced PLC. The controller constantly monitors the heat load and adjusts the compressor speed for peak efficiency and temperature control without using hot gas bypass. The chiller works only as hard as necessary to provide optimum performance with significantly reduced power usage. » Learn More

Integrated Packaging

Now Offering Custom Slitting Services

Integrated Packaging Films, Inc. was one of the first companies in the world to offer a thermoformable “static dissipative” packaging film made entirely from Recycled PET materials. WE offer our thermoforming customers a wide range of materials for their packaging needs. Our films are used in Automotive, Food, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Printing as well Consumer packaging markets around the world. » Click for more information

Heritage Plastics

Calcium Carbonate

Heritage Plastics produces a unique class of calcium carbonate concentrates designed to improve the performance and productivity of film, blow molding, injection molding and thermoforming for raw material savings, increased productivity, physical property improvement and lower carbon footprint.

Better materials – make better plastic products. 800.245.4623 » Click for more information


Flexibility in use, excellent weighing precision, blend uniformity: discover the Quantum blender by Piovan

Quantum, the gravimetric batch blender range by Piovan, embodies innovations that radically change the way injection molding machines and extruders are fed with blends of materials: virgin, recycled, masterbatch and additives. These innovations contribute to increasing the efficiency of production and feature improved design, state-of-the-art technologies and high performance components, which translate into real advantages for the user. » Click for more information