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canplastics.comMay 20, 2020


Quantum, High precision gravimetric blenders

Quantum, the gravimetric batch blender range by Piovan, embodies innovations that radically change the way injection molding machines and extruders are fed with blends of materials: virgin, recycled, masterbatch and additives. These innovations contribute to increasing the efficiency of production and feature improved design, state-of-the-art technologies and high performance components, which translate into real advantages for the user. » Learn more

Thermal Care

Life is Full of Choices…
Thermal Care Can Help Find the Solution

Thermal Care is the leader in chiller innovation and technology. We are the ONLY company to offer industrial central chillers in three different compressor technologies: variable-speed centrifugal, scroll and rotary screw. Each has its own unique benefits, all are designed for energy efficiency and long life. Not sure where to start? With over 45,000+ units installed and equipment still running 50 years later we understand process cooling and can help you find the solution. » Learn more

Hamilton Plastics

New Brushless-Pro Vacuum Loader from Hamilton

The innovative design and enhancements of the Integral Pro Brushless motor provide increased performance over competitive models. The new Integral Pro operates at a lower temperature to extend the life of the brushless motor. Improved acoustic technology as well as an innovative motor cover have been applied to reduce noise and substantially improve the sound quality produced by this blower making it one of Hamilton’s quietest high flow designs available. » Learn more