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canplastics.comJune 19, 2020

Thermal Care

Life is Full of Choices…
Thermal Care Can Help Find the Solution

Thermal Care is the leader in chiller innovation and technology. We are the ONLY company to offer industrial central chillers in three different compressor technologies: variable-speed centrifugal, scroll and rotary screw. Each has its own unique benefits, all are designed for energy efficiency and long life. Not sure where to start? With over 45,000+ units installed and equipment still running 50 years later we understand process cooling and can help you find the solution. » Learn more

Hamilton Plastics

Hamilton’s New Line of Weigh Blenders

Hamilton's new range of OPTIMIX weigh blenders is the perfect solution where precise mixing, dosing, weighing and control is needed. Applicable across all process applications and throughput requirements, they are renowned for their reliability, performance and simplicity of operation. The OPTIMIX range provides the perfect choice for all your blending requirements and can be tailored to suit either simple or complex applications. » Learn more