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canplastics.comNovember 20, 2020

Thermal Care

The Newly Redesigned Accuchiller NQ Series Portable Chiller

When details matter, look to Thermal Care for the latest in control technology and energy efficient features. The NEW Accuchiller NQ Series Portable Chillers come standard with an advanced PLC control system and 7-inch color touch screen, which provides premium performance, extensive diagnostic capabilities and also a wide range of communication options. Add an optional variable speed compressor and you will have a chiller that can pay for itself in energy savings. » Learn more


Exacta. Dose even one single granule.

Exacta is the new gravimetric feeder for micro-dosing, equipped with an advance control that allows a complete control of frequency vibrations in order to obtain the exact throughput, while an optimised filtering system identifies and neutralises all the vibrations coming from an external source. » Learn more