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canplastics.comJanuary 15, 2021


“Angel Hair” Solutions!

The Lorenz Inline Angel Hair Trap is designed to mount directly in the material stream to collect “angel hair” while allowing continuous flow of pellets to pass through. Connects to line via compression couplings.

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We are the conveying products people… » Learn more

Hamilton Plastics

Over 10,000 Configurations for The Precise Needs of Your Application

Over 60 Years of experience informs our decisions at Hamilton Plastic Systems in the design, manufacturing and installation of conveying systems and hopper loaders for plastics processors. Standing behind our name is your assurance that you will be selecting the most reliable method to save time and material, all while reducing costs. » Learn more


Easytherm, Advanced mould temperature controllers

Easytherm is the new mould temperature control unit characterized by user-friendliness, flexibility and reliability, both in injection and blow moulding and extrusion processes.

New interior and exterior layout, redesigned ergonomic control, coupled with high-end components, characterise a versatile machine that guarantees reliability and long term performances. » Learn more