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canplastics.comMarch 19, 2021

Hamilton Plastics

Over 10,000 Configurations for The Precise Needs of Your Application

Over 60 Years of experience informs our decisions at Hamilton Plastic Systems in the design, manufacturing and installation of conveying systems and hopper loaders for plastics processors. Standing behind our name is your assurance that you will be selecting the most reliable method to save time and material, all while reducing costs. » Learn more


Your Component to System Flexibility

The Lorenz Probe Box permits system flexibility with its modular construction. Install below a silo to allow direct routing of conveying lines. Multi directional outlets can be pointed towards the material destination with ease. Available in Aluminum or Stainless Steel. Optional Horizontal Probes ratio incoming air for precise conveying performance. 2 Week Delivery is standard.

Lorenz Conveying Products manufactures components for every stage of the process. Ask us about same day shipping! #LorenzLightningShip » Learn more


Inspecta. Detect contaminants, Improve quality standards.

Inspecta is the result of Piovan’s commitment to continuous improvement. It detects the presence of Acetaldheyde or Benzene in PET products. It can be used by producers of PET granules, preforms, sheet and bottles to assure their own partners the quality of the supplied finished or semi-finished product. » Learn more

Thermal Care

New Accuchiller KSE Outdoor Packaged Chillers

KSE Series chillers are packaged air-cooled outdoor units with an ambient temperature range from -20°F to 125°F. The chillers come standard with a process fluid circuit set point range from 20°F to 80°F. KSE chillers also include dual refrigeration circuits with multiple compressors and the 80 through 120 ton units incorporate independent process fluid circuits. Units come with or without integrated pumping packages and are available from 40 to 720 tons in a combined system. » Learn more