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canplastics.comMarch 26, 2021


Angel Hair Solutions!

The Lorenz Inline Angel Hair Trap is designed to mount directly in the material stream to collect “angel hair” while allowing continuous flow of pellets to pass through. Connects to line via compression couplings. » Watch Video


Minimum Energy. Maximum Savings.

Based on unique vacuum drying technology, ULTRA is the most energy efficient dryer for use in the plastics industry.

Conventional desiccant dryers typically use 45 Watts/lb/h to DRY material. ULTRA uses just 4 Watts/lb/hr to DRY.

On a process running 220 lbs/h an ULTRA dryer can save you $6,494* annually doing the exact same job. Year after year.

Want to save with the ULTRA dryer? Call us now to find out more. » Watch Video