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canplastics.comApril 16, 2021

Thermal Care

Accuchiller NQ Series Portable Chiller With Easy to Use PLC

When details matter, look to Thermal Care for the latest in control technology and energy efficient features. The Accuchiller NQ Series Portable Chillers come standard with an advanced PLC control system and 7-inch color touch screen, which provides premium performance, extensive diagnostic capabilities and a wide range of communication options. Add an optional variable speed compressor and you will have a chiller that can pay for itself in energy savings. » Learn more


VEGAPULS 69: Higher frequency for greater performance

The VEGAPULS 69 radar level sensor for bulk solids operates with a transmission frequency of 80 GHz. A higher frequency gives this radar sensor a more focused, narrow beam angle of 4°. The tighter beam angle avoids internal vessel installations and deposits on vessel walls. Additionally, with more of the transmission signal in a confined space, users see a larger return signal, giving them a clearer picture of the level measurement. Get a more reliable and maintenance-free non-contact measurement with the VEGAPULS 69. » Learn more


Slide Gates made for Plastics

Lorenz manufactures components for every stage of the conveying process. The Series “E” Slide Gate is designed to shut off (or meter) plastic pellets and powders while guaranteeing a positive seal in a dilute phase pressure, vacuum or gravity system.
  Install horizontally or vertically
  Unobstructed flow improves system performance
  Available in Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel
Ask about same day shipping using Lorenz Lighting Ship » Learn more


Puretech. Pure rPET packaging. Maximum Investment Lifespan.

The high tech process air filter for the processing of any kind of recycled PET. To extract contaminants and maximize production line lifespan.

PureTech provides dust filtration of particles ≥ 8 μm and volatiles filtration such as acetaldehyde and benzene. It is suitable for food and medical applications and working temperature up to 150 °C. » Learn more