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canplastics.comApril 30, 2021


Minimum Energy. Maximum Savings.

Based on unique vacuum drying technology, ULTRA is the most energy efficient dryer for use in the plastics industry.

Conventional desiccant dryers typically use 45 Watts/lb/h to DRY material. ULTRA uses just 4 Watts/lb/hr to DRY.

On a process running 220 lbs/h an ULTRA dryer can save you $6,494* annually doing the exact same job. Year after year.

Want to save with the ULTRA dryer? Call us now to find out more. » Watch Video


Series “D” Diverter Valves

The Lorenz Series D Diverter Valve is used to divert and purge plastic pellets and resin lines automatically. Valves are available in 2, 3 and 4-Way configurations. Unobstructed flow improves system performance and eliminates product degradation.
  • Used in Vacuum or Pneumatic Conveying Systems
  • Install horizontally or vertically
  • Positive Blade Lock (PBL)
  • Custom Options Available
Lorenz Conveying Products manufactures components for every stage of the process. » Watch Video


Turn to the Industry Experts in Mold Making and Injection Molding

PCS Company has made a $5 Million investment in their facility to increase machining capabilities and capacity. See how they have become an industry experts for plastic injection molding components. www.pcs-company.com » Watch Video