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canplastics.comMay 14, 2021

Thermal Care

Accuchiller NQ Series Portable Chiller With Easy to Use PLC

When details matter, look to Thermal Care for the latest in control technology and energy efficient features. The Accuchiller NQ Series Portable Chillers come standard with an advanced PLC control system and 7-inch color touch screen, which provides premium performance, extensive diagnostic capabilities and a wide range of communication options. Add an optional variable speed compressor and you will have a chiller that can pay for itself in energy savings. » Learn more


Lorenz Normal Efficiency (NE) Cyclones

Lorenz Conveying Products manufactures cyclones specific to applications handling pellets and larger materials. Efficiency ratings are 96% and higher for materials 30 microns to 100 microns. Available in Aluminum, Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel.
  • Solid 1 piece construction
  • Made for 200 CFM to 3400 CFM
  • “Straight In” Inlet/Outlet for heavier products
  • Standard mounting brackets
  • Top outlet can be piped to outside or dust collection
  • Standard clockwise rotation
Three-week delivery times remain standard. Lorenz manufactures components for every step of your plastics conveying process…Valves & Gates, Iris Valves, Couplings, Elbows and fittings.

We are the conveying products people. » Learn more


Puretech, Pure rPET packaging. The filter against VOC

The high tech process air filter for the processing of any kind of recycled PET. To extract contaminants and maximize production line lifespan.

PureTech provides dust filtration of particles ≥ 8 μm and volatiles filtration such as acetaldehyde and benzene. It is suitable for food and medical applications and working temperature up to 150 °C. » Learn more

Hamilton Plastics

Over 10,000 Configurations for The Precise Needs of Your Application

Over 60 Years of experience informs our decisions at Hamilton Plastic Systems in the design, manufacturing and installation of conveying systems and hopper loaders for plastics processors. Standing behind our name is your assurance that you will be selecting the most reliable method to save time and material, all while reducing costs. » Learn more