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canplastics.comJuly 16, 2021

Thermal Care

Thermal Care Energy Efficient Central Chillers

Depend on Thermal Care for energy efficient and reliable central chiller systems. With multiple central chiller configurations to choose from, get the capacity you need with all the energy saving features you want.

Here are some of the central chiller features that set Thermal Care apart from the competition: adaptive Dynamic Lift Technology for increased part-load efficiency; dual fluid and refrigeration circuits for redundancy and critical back-up; advanced touch screen PLC and remote monitoring system for precise control; and AHRI certification of our water-cooled units.

Systems are available in water-cooled, remote air-cooled, and packaged outdoor designs. » Learn more


Lorenz Manifold Stations

Lorenz Manifold Stations allow you to organize and simplify pellet distribution from silos to process equipment. An open concept design that eliminates change over errors and trip hazards common in the workplace.

Mounting channels allow for horizontal alignment of the Fan Tail Modules with incoming/outgoing lines. Standard with universal Camlock type fittings. Manufactured from either aluminum or stainless steel.  Customize your manifold configuration to meet your specialized requirements.

3 Week Delivery is standard. » Learn more


Solution for on-line moisture measurement

Moisture Minder is the online measurement of moisture, which makes long, expensive, and complex laboratory analysis worthless and allows near-real-time corrective actions.

Moisture Minder can provide a continuous trend of the residual humidity content since the analysis is automatically performed without any intervention required, sample preparation, or the necessity of personnel with specific skills.

It is a key element in a quality system since it provides a complete and reliable report of a critical parameter such as the residual humidity. » Learn more